Build documentation for the end user

I am interested in building end user documentation
I am watching the youtube video and at the same time I feed a google doc in french.
might it be relevant to write the documentation on a medium like a wiki or directly in a content generator? Or other?

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Thank you @DelphineAnybox for your implication !

For where to write the documentation, we still need to decide … check this thread : What tools for documenting the Generative Objects project?


Can we keep it simple and just use GitHub pages?

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Yes @Garth we could just use github pages. However I am wondering if we would not benefit with having something different, the platform is a huge project, the documentation will eventually be quite extensive, we might need something a bit more advanced and feature-full than github pages.

Also, there will 2 levels of documentation : functional and technical.

For the technical documentation, techs are used to github, documentation could be fine stored there. However I don’t believe end users would so much appreciate github documentation, especially with the objective to have the platform usable by non-tech users. And having all documentation on one place makes sense to me

In my opinion for the documentation, the needs in general are

  • multilingual for an international or non-English speaking audience => url including the language
  • Multi versions of the generative object application => version included in the url
  • user friendly for potentially non-IT writers
  • collaborative with a wokflow: draft -> validation -> publication
  • user friendly for the potentially non-computer end reader
  • search engine
    Are all these features necessary?
    maybe have a community website with these features?

Content composition:

  • a part made up of a red thread: creation from a to z of an application in the form of a use case for example building a blog with the possibility of posting messages
  • a section listing the main themes: for example, creating an entity, linking an entity to a data source, automatically generating the application, etc.
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Thank you @DelphineAnybox,

Would you check if the following is meeting the points you are listing ? :

Also, I imagine that as a complement to the documentation, having short videos demonstrating the modeling and generation of generative objects applications will also help