Call : setting up Generative Objects on a developer computer

This call is about setting-up Generative Objects on a developer computer :

  • Install and setup Generative Objects on a developer computer
  • Debbuging the modeler and the Code Generator
  • Running the automated tests
  • Development process, pull requests etc.

Please reach here if you want to be part of the call.

The call will be on Wednesday 1st of July 10am CEST

Please try to do a setup of Generative Objects on your local computer. The objective of the call will be fine tune the setup procedure, unblock the potential blocks

@velulev, @Garth , this call is especially for you at the moment, since you are about to start working on the code.

We need to find a proper time that fits europe and australia.

What about this wednesday or thursday at 9am London/Lisbon; 6pm Sydney ?

Hi @walteralmeida - that time works for me.

@walteralmeida I’m in ! (Am i correct ?: that would be: 8am Paris time, tomorrow)

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Great @ValentinAnybox !

It is confirmed for tomorrow 1st of July 9am London / 6pm Sydney, which is 10am Paris time !

Please give me your github username : I can invite you to the github repo and documentation so that you can already prepare your computer.

The idea is for everyone to do a setup on your own, and the call will be to unblock where you could be blocked, dive a bit deeper, check what was missing in documentation / difficulties in setting up so that we can update the setup documentation

@velulev, @Garth, @ValentinAnybox, important notice for the setup :
The branch to use for setup is “develop” and not “master”, master is out of date. I guess we should go back to master as the main branch, but for now it is develop !

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@Garth, about the question you posted there : Moving to an open source relational database (PostgreSQL ?)

For the references, not everything is using nugets, but a static “external references” folder. Probably something to change in the future !

For all that is on nugets, on Visual Studio, you can go to “Manage NuGet Packages for Solution”. And if not all the packages are already on your computer, you will get an option “update packages for the solution”

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@garth, @velulev, here are a few resources regarding the development process we are following.

The most recent process is here :

It is talking or MR (Merge request), because we were on GitLab. It should be translated to Pull requests now that we are on github

Here is an older document, but still relevant for the naming of the branches :

Hey @walteralmeida, this is what I see as available branches after a straight git clone:

That is, only go-codegenerator has the default branch set to ‘develop’ - is that right? Can you confirm if this is the right set of defaults for build?

No : go-application, go-features and go-framework also need to be on develop… I have updated default branch on github

Ah, ok - will attend to rebuild…

Hi @walteralmeida, I’ve got the app running and databases in place, however I’m having trouble listing projects and/or creating a project. Would you have a few minutes to help?

And, are we meeting tonight?


yes we can have a call right now