Deploying Generative Objects modeler on docker

Today @ValentinAnybox was proposing the following :

An idea: As devs we’re not used anymore to complexe setups, nowoday, it’s often down to git pull and docker-compose to get a dev env up and running.

Do you think it would be complex to automate the whole set up ? (it could be my first contribution) !

While in itself, setting up an env is not such a big deal, where I’d see a value in the future is as an incentive for modest contributions; I frankly personally wouldn’t fix a bug on an open source project if I have to spend more time on setup than on actual code.

And that is absolutely a great suggestion !! Funny enough is that we have done some pretty advanced experimentations on docker and Generative Objects and even with kubernetes !

So I believe we already have a lot ready, just to be refreshed to newest version of Generative Objects. And we would not need kubernetes which would be useful for production environments and scaling. Here we are talking about a developer environment where a docker image would be enough.

Here are the pointers for what we already have :

And the github repo with all docker files for Generative Objects :

The pitfall I remember is that all is command line on docker, therefore we still need to use a visual studio outside of docker. However we have figured out how to remote debug an application deployed on docker from a local visual studio instance:

For those using Linux, it could be good to see if we can use visual studio online. However I am wondering if remote debugging would work this way …

Thanks for your answer !

For folks as myself who (whom ? whon’t ?) don’t even have a Windows installed, would it make sense at all (I’m very not a sys admin) to have a VM image with all dev-ready ? (minus only ssh keys)

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Yes indeed. It could be a good option to have a full Windows VM ready to go for dev, and simpler to create than a docker image, without the extra worries of having to still have a local Visual studio setup on the local machine for visual development. In this case, making GO on docker work is no more a priority for now

By the way @ValentinAnybox, why did you decide on having a dual boot Windows/Linux rather than using a Windows VM ? @Olivier I believe you are also not on Windows, what is your dev setup ?

I’m using a Windows 10 pro Virtual Machine over KVM, create a ready machine image (qcow2) make sense. I can try to create one with sqlserver express, visual studio, and go

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Thank you for your feedback @Olivier
Yes, if you can create a ready to go image, that would be awesome !

I believe you never setup a full machine with Generative Objects modeler, did you ? But a machine to develop on generated application ?

Here are the two pages with full setup procedure, including the modeler :

For visual studio, you can install visual studio 2019 community edition

Thank you !