First brainstroming on Generative Objects Forum

Hey everyone,

Welcome to this forum, the intention is to co-create together to bring to the world a fully open source technology that can change our relationship to technolgy and empower as many as possible to create the applications and services of tomorrow !

I did a first online presention in june 2020, both functional and technical. You can watch the replay here.

I created this discussion as a first step to share our expectations for this forum, share first ideas and questions, and get the ball rolling.

Please feel free to bring anything that feels alive or relevant to you as comments to this topic. And see where this brings us :

And … enjoy the process ! no rule, no good or bad, you cannot get it wrong, just share whatever feels true or important for you now. We are entering a co-creation space where all is possible, no limit other than our imagination, let’s dream big :wink: