Hello, I am Delphine

Hello, I’am Delphine.
In the past, I have developed applications in delphi, vb6, php, attacking oracle databases, sql-server, mysql …
I am mainly interested in business processes and the inclusion of applications in business processes through user friendly scenari and documentation.

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Thank you @DelphineAnybox for introducing yourself and beeing here with us,

For what I read, my understanding is that your interest is as a user of the Generative Objects platform, rather than as a developer.

The next calls we will have will be more technical deep dives, as we need to finalize some work on the core code of Generative Objects to publicly open source.

However, you can already explore the platform as a user, and feel free to write on the “using the generative objects platform” or “vision and ideas” categories about whatever feels relevant to you, questions you have, suggestions etc.

Also, there is definitively a need to write a functional documentation of the platform, as we have not so much yet …

Welcome !