Hello, I'm Thomas

Hello everybody,

Time to introduce myself: I’m Thomas Villaren and I’ve been working with @walteralmeida on Generative Objects from 2013 till last year (so for almost 7 years), leading the R&D on the platform, helping out our analyst provide the best applications to Generative Objects customers at the time.

I’m thrilled to see the platform go open source today, and will happily help in any way I can on my free time, mainly:

  • documenting the platform where documentation is needed,
  • and answer questions on the Github repositories if I can be of any help (especially understanding choices that have been made in a specific context which might not be relevant anymore).

Right now, I’m working as an architect in a SaaS company called Payfit which provide a payroll / HR software for SMBs. The specificity of Payfit is that our solution has been built on top of a payroll-specific DSL which grew to become some sort of internal low-code platform that we use to “code” payroll logic in multiple European countries.

Have a great day!


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Thank you @thomas for introducing yourself. And for all the amazing work you have already done on the technology ! I am especially looking forward to push the new front meta-model and architecture you have recently done, and that will bring more flexibility on the kind of user interfaces we will be able to build with Generative Objects. By the way if you feel like writing a post on this forum about the new front, this is could be a good starting point !

I am grateful you are still around ! Your presence and help will be greatly apreciated :slight_smile:

Welcome @thomas, your experience and inputs on the platform will be useful and valuable to newcomers like me. Thanks for joining and helping.

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