Hellow from Jon Boone

Hello, my name is Jon Boone. I’ve been working with computers since 1983 and employed as a full-time professional in various fields of technology since October of 1990. I’ve been around for many significant changes in how humans and computers interact, many of them with beneficial impacts.

I am interested in an open source low-code system that can be used to enable non-developers to create domain-specific applications that enhance their exisiting workflows without haveing to adapt to someone else’s perspective on how their industry should operate (as well-intentioned, yet ill-informed such perspecitves can often be!).

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Thank you for your introduction Jon ! Happy to have you here. Please feel free to share what is a next step for you. Would you like to try the product ? to contribute ? to share ideas ?

I’d love to discuss the process of open-sourcing Generative Objects, the community around it, etc., assuming I don’t die of embarrassment for mispelling the word “Hello” :rofl:

Is there an existing topic we should use? Or should we create a new one?

Ok, great !! Will create a topic for that

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