Hi, I am Eliane ✨

I am not a developer. I’m open to learning low code basics though, if it’s not too technical. I am from Willemstad, Curaçao, an island in the Caribbean. I have lived in the Netherlands and the UK for more than two decades.

I am here to support the creation of something truly extraordinary. We don’t know how it will look like exactly, but we feel it in our bones… this is going to be big, beautifully elegant, fun and uplifting.

We envision a social and exchange platform that will connect people around the world to create a new economy based on fair exchange of goods, services, knowledge and kindness that will empower local communities everywhere and mend nature. The juice of this economy is genuine care and respect. Its currency: cryptocurrency, barter, donation, something new, like value coming from free energy technology.

Let’s do this. :seedling::sunny:


Thank you Eliane ! Great to have you here :slight_smile: