Hi, I am Federico Tomassetti

Hi, I am Federico, a language engineering enthusiast.

I have recently discovered Generative Objects when @walteralmeida gave a presentation for a community on Language Engineering I recently started (https://strumenta.community).

I am Italian but I used to live in Germany, France, and Ireland. While I was in France I started working as an independent consultant and I later founded Strumenta, a company which providing services on Language Engineering (parsers, compilers, DSLs, editors, transpilers: that sort of stuff). Whenever I have some free time I write some blog post on my blog on Language Engineering.


Thank you @ftomassetti for your presentation, very grateful to have you here ! I can foresee the power of combining language engineering with low-code technology. Looking forward to see what we can co-create in this direction !

Hi @ftomassetti, welcome to Go, and thanks for organising @walteralmeida 's Go Session through Strumenta. I got to know about the platform through that session, and looking forward to contributing to the platform.


Thank you @velulev. I am happy I helped getting you two in touch, so that a collaboration could start

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