Hi, I am Garth Ormsby

Hi All,

I’m a Solutions/Enterprise Architect, based in Sydney Australia, and similar to Velu from London, I’ve been thinking about developing a model / metadata driven platform for some time but never moved past the tinkering phase. Whenever I drafted a features list for such a platform, the amount of work required was overwhelming relative to available time/energy.

And being an Architect, I’d spend too long thinking about patterns for the generated code, and wanting to support them all via generator switches: server monolith vs api gateway+DDD microservices; UI monolith vs micro UIs; clean / hexagonal / onion architecture; Event Driven; CQRS/ES; relational vs NoSql; deployment to public cloud X / failover to public cloud Y etc.

Not to mention wanting support for enterprise grade platform features like: workflow/business process automation; meta-model query language for grid filtering & custom reporting; data integration engine (supporting Import to staging/Transform/Load & Extract to staging/Transform/Export etc); event stream for pub/sub integration; “app”/plug-in abstraction to support a platform ecosystem etc etc.

In my mind, this is a project that needs a village, and Walter’s initiative to take his team’s work open source is an amazing foundation from which to build!

I have a few motivations to be a contributor:

  • I’ve been a serial beneficiary of open source products & have contributed little in return; time for pay back

  • I’ve been exposed to a number of dominant SaaS platforms in the enterprise market such as Salesforce/force.com & and ServiceNow and seen they are essentially meta-model driven. These platforms can add enormous value to organisations (caveat: when the customisation demand pipeline is properly governed), but their commercial pricing/licensing models can restrict organisations from attaining full benefit/value - they can be overly restrictive and/or expensive

  • I’ve enjoyed consulting with smaller / low-budget organisations and love the idea of being able to deliver app functionality to these organisations on a feature rich open source platform at - essentially - cost of the requirements analysis & modelling, plus underlying (cloud native) infrastructure costs.

Earlier in my career I was a software dev (C, C++, C#) but I’ve been off the tools for a while; I welcome the opportunity to code again, amongst friends (not bosses and deadlines!).

That ended up being longer than expected… :slight_smile:

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Thank you @Garth for your introduction,

And thank you for being here with us, your presence is so much welcome, thank you for proposing to join to help and co-create with us !

This feels great, I can foresee that you can have a great contribution also in brainstroming around the architecture of Generative Objects and the generated applications.

Oh yes, we need a village :slight_smile: , I love the way you put it!

Yes indeed … good we share the same vision of having open technology accessible to all

Yes, I share this motivation. Also, what I see is that a real change in this world, in the way we do business and in the way we care for future generations and for preserving humanity will come from individuals and small organizations, who have the full flexibility to actually do things differently. So the objective is to empower these individuals and organizations with low-code technology so that they can thrive !

It is like riding a bike, I don’t believe we lose the capacity to code ! So welcome back :slight_smile: Also, as said before, there is coding, but there is also designing and architecturing.

And yes, the idea is to create without the structure or authority of company, just all self-lead and sharing a passion and vision !

So @Garth, welcome ! We will soon do an online meeting targeted at setting up a developer computer and quick start on Generative Objects !

Hi @Garth, welcome to Go. Interestingly most of what you have written applies to me too… including languages & payback time :slight_smile: Looking forward to collaborating soon.

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Thanks @velulev - me too. Am quite excited by the possibilities here…

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