Hi, Olivier here


I am Olivier Guilloux consultant at Libre Logic (Paris) for more than a decade now. I have a software scientist background focus on software engineering on java.

My professional experiences made me play with multiple languages at different positions: from developer java, python (django, flask … even Zope) , php, Groovy (grails), c# to operator (ansible, nagios, netdata, docker, podman) through project manager.

But my favorite programming language is still python. I discovered dotnet and c# thanks to GO and Walter during last summer and I enjoyed develop custom code on GO.

I am a Linux and Open Source enthusiast, I am working on Fedora. I am delighted to see the platform go into Open Source and I am ready to help make it run under Linux.


Olivier G.

I have a lot of

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Hello @Olivier !

Thank you for introducing yourself and be here with us. And for all the investment you have already done on Generative Objects technology :slight_smile:

Welcome @Olivier, will be good to have you in the team.