Integration with Solid

I have finalized the integration of a Solid data source, and membership provider.

See here about Solid :

See here for the original post shared in the Solid community :

Here is a demonstration video of this integration, that shows how to create a fully functional SOLID application in less than 30 minutes, with 0 line of code !

I demonstrate the creation of a mini social network platform that allows a user to connect, share status updates and add comments to any user’s status updates :

This is a first version of the integration of SOLID and GO-Lowcode, it can much deeper, depending on the interest about this in the SOLID community.

For instance one main improvement I can foresee is to be able to automatically infer the full ontologies in GO-Lowcode, so that there would be no need to model data, just select which ontology, entities and fields to connect to and what application to build on top. For instance :

  • I could imagine an integration with ! From GO-Lowcode platform, a user could select shapes available in ShapeRepo and it would automatically include it as an entity in the application model. Also : creating a new Shape in GO-Lowcode could be pushed to as a suggestion for new Shape. See here about ShapeRepo: Making your Solid Apps interoperable with
  • I am foreseeing a way to create applications that don’t force users to a specific technology. For example : we could build applications where the user could decide to use his Solid Pod account for his personal data, or his Holochain account, or just want his data to be stored at application level, in a central database. It could allow a progressive onboarding of users into a decentralized solution for their data, still allowing the old way for those who are not ready or don’t care. This would be definitively possible with GO-Lowcode, by integrating, for example, an Holochain connector the same way we integrated a SOLID connector. The user can then choose his option at connection time : Solid or Holochain or any other technology we would integrate.
  • it is challenging to design and build decentralized applications, it is a completely different mindset and it bring its lot of complexity and challenges to build performant applications. With Go-Lowcode, we could automate some patterns and best practices for building efficient SOLID applications. These patterns could be time consuming to implement manually, but could just be activated / generated by default with GO-Lowcode.