Integration with SPARQL data sources / DBpedia

Orginal post on DBpedia community :

My intention is to participate to the emergence of a more open internet, including initiative like DBpedia, but also all projects that are going toward a decentralized internet.

n this direction, I am exploring to see to what existing technological project/community Generative Objects can bring immediate value to, as a way to accelerate the creation of applications on these technologies through low-code development.

With this intent, I have realized a first integration of SPARQL end point data sources at large, DBpedia in specific, to allow the fast modeling and creation of applications on top of DBpedia. Here is the link to a demonstration on how to create a full web application on top of DBpedia data sources using the low-code platform Generative Objects :

This is just a first attempt, it could go much further if there is interest and we work together on this integration. For instance, one main improvement I can foresee is to be able to automatically infer the full DBpedia ontology, so that there would be no need to model data, just select which entities and fields to connect to.