Name for the Generative Objects Low code platform

Hey everyone !

This post is about giving a name to the Generative Objects low code platform.

During the last years, we used to call the platform the GO platform (GO for Generative Objects)

However, it is confusing because we can mismatch with the Google GO language…

Call it the Generative Objects platform is confusing too, because there is a confusion between the entity and the technology. And also : it is a pretty long name…

I am coming with the following proposition, what about calling it the GO-Lowcode platform ? It removes the confusion with the GO language, and it makes it very clear what the technology is about !!

Hello Walter,

We indeed already have the opportunity to discuss this topic. I’ve happened to struggle to explain to some clients the difference between the platform and the brand “GO”.

I like the name “GO-Lowcode”. It has two complementary meanings : Looking at the name, you can guess exactly what the platform does. And it can also be read as an injunction “Go Lowcode !”.

Sounds like a good choice to me :slight_smile:

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Thank you Nicolas for your feedback !

My only concern for the name GO-LowCode was that the terms used to describe this type of technologies is regularly changing. So when low code is replaced with another accronym, what happen to the platform name ?

And actually, it is changing, the Gartner is now talking of MXDP (Multi Experience Development Platform). See here :

By the way the logo of Mendix is MX … was the choice of the name MXDP completely neutral ?

More over, there is a negative conotation with Low. I woud rather talk of Highs ! And is GO-LowCode just a low-code platform ? It is more for more me, due to its reflective nature (GO-LowCode is modelled and generated by GO-LowCode). And in the process of re-writing the code generator, I intent to be able directly in GO-LowCode to modify not only the GO-LowCode meta-model but also the code generation templates, all online and integrated. This opens the door to allow to create full new meta-models and code generation pipelines in GO-LowCode, and thus having GO-LowCode as a generic low code platform that can be used to create specific Low code platform, thus expanding to the infinite the capacities of the platform.

What would be a good name to reflect this ? How can we show and communicate that we go much beyond what traditional low code platforms do ? This is Lowcode 2.0