Velu Mani - Introduction


I am Velu Mani, from London, UK.

I have been an independent consultant, and have been using similar technologies to what Walter has used to develop Generative Objects, and have thought about developing a platform myself several times. But due to work commitments, I never developed it, and was glad to see what Walter has done with Generative Objects.

I have been interested in Code Generation since my university days for more than 2 decades now, and was pleasantly surprised to see Walter open sourcing the platform. So, I have joined his efforts to learn more about GO, and also contribute as much as I can.

I also believe that there is a need for open source code generation platforms in the market, especially on the (open) Microsoft technologies, much of which were used for Enterprise development in the last 2 decades.

Looking forward to learn and contribute,


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Welcome Velu ! I am glad and grateful to have you here as the first member of this forum :slight_smile:
And thank you for your motivation to contribute to this project !

Thanks for having me Walter, and for your time and consideration. Glad to be the first member of the forum too. Looking forward to contribute positively.

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