Welcome to the Generative Objects open-source low-code platform Forum

These discussions are for users and contributors of the Generative Objects low-code development platform; and also for anyone who shares interest in open source low-code technology in general.

As a user of the Generative Objects platform, this place is for you, for :

  • Getting support in your use of the platform.
  • Asking any question about the technology.
  • Asking for new features or evolutions of the technology.

As a contributor of the Generative Object, this place is for you, for :

  • Getting support on the Generative Objects core code.
  • Getting support on setting up Generative Objects on a server, or your local computer.
  • Brainstorming with all of us around future improvment of the platform.

As someone who shares common interest in open source low-code technology in general, this place is for you, for :

  • Sharing your vision and ideas.
  • Envisionning together the future of open source low-code technology.

I am Walter Almeida, the creator of the Generative Objects platform. My vision for open sourcing Generative Objects is the following :

I want to empower people to co-create the world we want to live in and to build new businesses from scratch, that could actually be sustainable, fair, and of service for our growth as humanity.

I believe we are primed for the next leap forward on Internet: making all of us the creators of the very services we are actually using!

Low-code development technology must become a common good, as it is essential for unleashing the creativity and ingenuity of all individuals working to radically change the way in which we operate, as we have recently become more aware that our current economic system is not serving us and the planet in an optimal and sustainable way.

You can read more here.

You can see a functional and technical introduction to Generative Object here.

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Hey @walteralmeida and team, congrats on creating this space as a step towards releasing GO as open-source!

One suggestion, in case it hasn’t been done yet: add a link to this forum in a call to action somewhere in this section of the GO website.



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Thank you @rafael,

Yes indeed, thank you for your reminder, I will update the Generative Objects web site !